Meth Addiction Statistics

meth on a table

Methamphetamine is a commonly abused and illicitly produced stimulant within the country which targets young people and adults alike. DEA claimed that despite the decrease of meth production in the country due to strict law enforcement, the demand for the illicit substance is still met by manufacturers outside the US. Due to its harmful effects […]

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Detox: The First Step In Addiction Treatment

man taking the first step to addiction recovery

Detox success statistics are difficult to gauge because of the different characteristics of addictive substances and their effects on the users’ body and mind. True recovery does not end with the detox. It starts with it. Prevailing statistics proved how detox helps a person avoid relapse with the help of an effective and comprehensive addiction […]

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Relapse Prevention Plan

woman trying not to relapse and use drugs

When you finally decided to get ahead of your life and quit drugs or alcohol, you took your initial step towards recovery. However, you may have thought that all your anticipated problems will go away when you enter rehab, only to find out that a bunch of them are still there. You can have mixed […]

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Health Effects Of Oxycontin

oxycontin pills

OxyContin is classified as an opioid agonist due to its Oxycodone content which is a Schedule II drug. It is prescribed for a continuous and long-term management of moderate to severe pain for patients with an established tolerance to an opiate of equivalent potency. Statistics showed that it is one of the most commonly used […]

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Dual Diagnosis

If you think that conventional drug rehab does not produce the recovery you expect because it does not deal with dual diagnosis of addiction, you can try SOBA Recovery. Aside from our holistic and individualized treatment programs aimed to help alcoholics and drug addicts to recover from addiction, we also concentrate on co-existing conditions like […]

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