If you’re sober and finding yourself here reading this blog, congratulations on embarking on the journey of recovery! During your drug and alcohol use, you probably became accustomed to engaging in activities that encouraged said substance abuse. Your group of friends most likely also used drugs and alcohol alongside you.

Now that you’re sober and have a second chance at life, it’s time to make new friends and find new fun, sober things to do. It’s important in sobriety to stay busy, but more importantly, pursue activities that make you feel fulfilled. Below are eight ways to have fun in sobriety:

Play a Team Sport

Team sports aren’t just for children, they’re equally fun as an adult! Aside from getting exercise, it’s a great way to bond with new people and use your problem solving skills. Team sports operate a lot like a 12-step support group; they involve a group of people all supporting one another to reach a common goal. Most major cities have a YMCA that offers team sports, as well as other sporting clubs like ZogSports. If you currently work at a company, don’t hesitate to ask your Human Resources department if the company is open to sponsoring a sports league.

Start Running or Hit the Gym

kayaking as a sober activityWe’re all aware of the benefits exercise has on our physical health but it is also equally beneficial for mental health. Running and working out at a gym will release the feel good chemicals in your brain that will boost your mood. Running is also a fun thing to do solo or with a group of people. Going to the gym is a good sober activity to do at night.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can research the next half marathon in your area and start to train for it. Not only will you feel good physically and mentally, but you’ll also be able to set a goal and achieve it! Setting goals and holding yourself accountable to complete them is important in sobriety.

Create a Book Club

Reading is a simple and inexpensive way to pass time and helps strengthen your learning skills. Reading regularly will also keep your cognitive abilities sharp. If you know a few people that enjoy reading, start a book club! You can rotate who picks the book each month and gather towards the end of the month to talk about the book.

Plan a Trip

Traveling is another great activity you can enjoy without doing drugs or drinking alcohol. Consider where you’ve always dreamed of going and then you can treat yourself to a special vacation to celebrate your sobriety.

If your work permits it, it may not be a bad idea to take a long term trip, like backpacking or driving around the country. A change of scenery is just what a lot of people need when they’re starting over and achieving long term sobriety.

Give Back by Volunteering

There may be a lot of interesting volunteering opportunities in your community. These opportunities don’t just help with addiction recovery, they also allow you to do your part to improve your community.

Volunteering isn’t limited to just working at a soup kitchen or food bank, you can also donate your time to tutoring students or planting a local garden.

Bake a Cake

Really, you should try baking a cake from scratch! Baking can be very therapeutic and is a skill you can always expand on. There’s also nothing more satisfying than seeing a pile of ingredients come together to form something great.

Foster a Dog

If you like animals, fostering a dog is a wonderful thing to do. You’ll be able to give a dog a safe place to live and reap the benefits of having a dog without the long term commitment. If you like animals but aren’t interested in fostering, you can also donate your time and help out at an animal shelter.

Get Sober at Soba Recovery

If you’ve decided that it’s time to go sober, we can help at Soba Recovery. We offer drug and alcohol addiction recovery treatment in both Mesa, AZ, and San Antonio, TX. Visit our website for more information or give us a call to learn more about our addiction treatment programs!

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