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Expert Detox Centers in Arizona and Texas

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What Exactly Is Detoxification?

If you are seeking to quit abusing drugs & alcohol then a detox program, like the one at Soba Recovery, may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Typically, people think of a detox program when they are seeking treatment for addiction which is the type of detox provided by Soba Recovery with locations in Arizona and Texas.

Detox is when clients are prescribed medications and a detoxification protocol based on their personal situation with drugs and/or alcohol. Clients are monitored and have access to our staff 24/7 throughout the detox process to ensure a safe and comfortable detoxification process.

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Our Detox Centers' Treatment Services


Many times the first step in the treatment process is detoxification, where our dedicated team works to help rid your body of drugs & alcohol for good, in a safe & effective environment.

Intensive Outpatient

Soba Recovery offers intensive outpatient treatment as a step-down offered as a continued treatment with day and night groups to help aide in long-term recovery.

Residential Inpatient

Soba Recovery's core treatment program revolves around residential inpatient treatment - where we suggest a 30-day stay in order to effectively overcome substance abuse.


Outpatient treatment is offered as a continued care service, typically for those who have completed an inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization, or partial day treatment, is offered at all of Soba Recovery's programs as an alternative for those who cannot attend inpatient treatment due to life's obligations.

Sober Living

The Soba Recovery sober living homes in California, Texas, and Arizona offer clients accountability and a safe and sober environment where they can learn to recover for good.

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Our Detoxification Program

How Do Our Detox Centers in Arizona & Texas Work?

The approach frequently includes an assessment of a client’s physical, mental, and emotional health. We start by treating the immediate physical effects of drug and alcohol withdrawals through monitored detoxification. Our rehab center will then develop a treatment program that works best with the detox process.  Our experienced staff can prepare planning to treat the physical effects of alcohol and drug use. Often, a supervised program will treat the mental and any other aspects of addiction with a developed plan for long-term addiction treatment. Our comprehensive approach helps clients succeed at every step of the recovery process, from detox to residential inpatient treatment and aftercare.

The friendly support staff is helpful and provides encouragement through the process of getting addiction treatment. The Soba Recovery clinical team is composed of well-established and highly esteemed professionals. This matches our purpose-driven dedication to ensure the overall well-being and recovery of each individual client.  The comfortableness of a place is also something to consider. A nice place needs to have the correct way of working with individuals, along with the encouragement to relax with the beauty of the location you have chosen for addiction treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment for You

The Benefits Of A Detox Program:

The individualized approach to our addiction treatment program allows each client to quit using drugs & alcohol on their own terms.  The process is enhanced with quality care that includes services like detoxification, inpatient and outpatient treatment. This continuous care can help with the detoxification process for an individual. Success is the focus and good support can help with the confidence-building as the trained staff can utilize their experience and expertise. In addition to our expert clinical approach to rehabilitation, we strongly believe in the healing benefits of having peaceful, relaxing surroundings.  We are one of the top providers in the country who offer all levels of care, through our Arizona and Texas treatment programs.


At Soba Recovery, we incorporate indoor and outdoor activities in both group and individual settings. The secure and supportive environment of our locations are designed to facilitate recovery for people with opportunities to get through the process in nicer ways and be successful with outpatient care treatment services.   Our offerings also include nutritious culinary services, nutrition, and wellness groups, yoga, hiking, and mindfulness-centered meditation groups. We guide our clients through the treatment process while promoting greater overall satisfaction with their lives.

A Multi-Phase Treatment Program

Experience Real Addiction Treatment

Detoxification is offered at Soba Texas and Soba Mesa, in conjunction with our residential inpatient program. Our programs were designed to ensure the best possible outcomes when seeking treatment for drug & alcohol abuse.

Evidence-Based Therapies

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness
  • Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

Additional Services

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Accupuncture

These are just some of the therapies utilized at Soba Recovery’s programs around the country. For clients unable to stay for the full stay, we are able to offer other options, including the use of sober coaches/companions and remote teleconferencing with our licensed therapists.

Treating the Mind, Body & Spirit

Let The Detox Programs At Soba Recovery Help You Quit For Good

We can help provide caring support and encouragement with renewed hope for a brighter future.  The effective and affordable care we offer can give you a better path for conquering additions with a continuum of support services.  Confidence with the approach is important and this helps as you decide to pursue our detoxification program to support your success.   The staff is experienced when it comes to working with clients to develop a safe and appropriate plan for treatment. Soba Recovery Centers is located in Arizona and Texas and offers a comfortable hip and cool boutique facility tailored to the needs of our patients.  

The structured environment, support network, and caring mentors are helping individuals find everything they need to build the foundations of a healthy recovery.  You can feel your best as you get quality care for drug rehabilitation or any type of addictions. Our programs in Arizona and Texas provide the right environment while offering a caring staff to help you through the process.  The Soba Recovery mission is to be instrumental in providing a new start for our clients. We offer a new start and hope for a better and brighter future through the development and implementation of individual and evidence-based holistic treatment programs and services in the areas of substance abuse and optimal health.

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