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view of activities and locations in mesa arizona

The Top 5 Sober Activities You Shouldn’t Miss In Arizona

Arizona is a great place to continue the next chapter of your sobriety journey. In addition to the Grand Canyon and the state’s serene landscape, there are many sober activities you can enjoy.
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healthcare professional depressed during covid-19

Has COVID-19 Caused An Increase In Addiction Among Healthcare Workers?

Sadly, healthcare workers are among many people who have turned to drugs and alcohol as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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woman in recovery discussing nutrition with a doctor

Why Is Nutrition So Important In Addiction Recovery?

Research continues to show that increasing your nutrition levels can increase your chances of long-term recovery. Here’s how.
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man in recovery practising mindfulness

The Role of Mindfulness In Addiction Recovery

Recovering from addiction can be a difficult, frustrating, and exhausting process. But mindfulness can help you find and maintain peace through the recovery process.
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drug addict depicting impulsive behavior

The Connection Between Impulsive Behavior and Addiction

Impulsive behavior and addiction go hand in hand. Acting impulsively can keep you trapped in a cycle of addiction while using drugs and alcohol can make you act more impulsively.
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man in music therapy for addiction

Can Art and Music Therapy Help In Addiction Recovery?

By helping you regulate emotions, resolve personal challenges, avoid cravings, and improve brain functionality, art and music therapy can help you achieve and maintain long-term recovery.
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drug rehab support group

What Are The Most Effective Treatment Modalities for Substance Abuse?

We’ve put together this quick guide detailing today’s most effective treatment modalities for substance abuse. Knowing the most effective ways to treat addiction can help you choose the right recovery program for yourself or a loved one.
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depressed woman drinking alcohol

Can Alcohol Make Depression Worse?

Instead of actually making people with depression feel better, alcohol can actually make them feel worse as the substance starts to affect their physical, emotional, social, and mental health.
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man dealing with stress by self medicating

Why People Self-Medicate and How To Stop

No matter how helpful self-medication might seem, using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism is a dangerous and harmful habit.
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community of people in recovery

The Importance of Community In Recovery

You weren’t meant to live or recover alone. Being in a healthy, supportive community can help you avoid relapse and live a life free of addiction.
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man in individual therapy for addiction

What Are The Benefits of Personalized Treatment?

Even though these criteria of addiction treatment are universal, actual treatment plans should be customized to meet an individuals’ specific needs. Here’s why.
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man addicted to cocaine

Can Residential Treatment Help With Cocaine Addiction?

Because of cocaine’s highly addictive properties, symptoms of withdrawal, and association with polydrug use, and mental health challenges, residential treatment can be an extremely beneficial way to treat cocaine addiction. Here’s why.
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