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Aftercare & Beyond = Success in Recovery

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Aftercare planning is a vital part of the addiction treatment process. Here at Soba Recovery Centers, we offer every client a customized aftercare plan.

Recovery from addiction of any kind is a long road and someone who’s struggling needs support through this tough journey. After receiving addiction treatment at a treatment facility, the aftercare programs are designed to support the individuals in adjusting to life after the program. The objective of an aftercare program is to prevent relapses and to keep the former addict focused on their recovery. One of the main reasons former addicts relapse is because of lack of support or guidance, especially under stressful situations. Typically, aftercare programs differ from facility to facility with some offering outpatient treatment, sober living, support groups, and/or individual or group counseling. At well-established treatment facilities, such as Soba Recovery, an aftercare program is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the individual. These programs are also useful in offering counseling support to individuals who are settling back into their lives whether that is going back to work or reconnecting with friends and family.

Detoxification can be one of the first steps in addiction treatment but the road to recovery continues after that. Counseling sessions, educational actives or group meetings all contribute to the success of the program. The frequency of counseling or meetings entirely depends on the circumstances of the individual. Some might need more guidance than others especially if they feel more stressed or if they have abused substances more than others.

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Our Treatment Services


Many times the first step in the treatment process is detoxification, where our dedicated team works to help rid your body of drugs & alcohol for good, in a safe & effective environment.

Intensive Outpatient

Soba Recovery offers intensive outpatient treatment as a step-down offered as a continued treatment with day groups to help aide in long-term recovery.

Residential Inpatient

Soba Recovery's core treatment program revolves around residential inpatient treatment - where we suggest a 30-day stay in order to effectively overcome substance abuse.


Outpatient treatment is offered as a continued care service, typically for those who have completed an inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization, or partial day treatment, is offered at all of Soba Recovery's programs as a step-down level of care after a client completes inpatient treatment or if they cannot attend an inpatient rehab.

Sober Living

The Soba Recovery sober living homes in Texas and Arizona offer clients accountability and a safe and sober environment where they can learn to recover for good.

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The Aftercare Planning Process

How Aftercare Planning is Beneficial

Aftercare programs have tremendous benefits for recovering addicts. For starters, it provides the counseling support that is so necessary at a time when these individuals are in need of support and guidance. Aftercare helps establish and reinforce good habits such as embracing self-care, exercise, diet and how to recognize and avoid triggers. The greatest benefit of any aftercare program is that it decreases the probability of relapsing. It teaches the former addicts on how to recognize triggers and to understand coping mechanisms in stressful situations. The objective remains to offer as much normalcy to the client at the facility as possible so that when to return to real work-life they are more likely to adjust. The aftercare program is set up in a way where the confidence of the client is built whether that is through basic social interaction or life without medication drugs. Through small steps, the client is able to regain the confidence to live an addiction-free life.

Aftercare programs are also helpful to those who suffer from more than one type of addiction or disorder. At a well-reputed treatment facility, such as the one at Soba Recovery, the physicians are trained to provide care to different types of addictions and disorders. The immediate days after rehab are most critical as most cases of relapse occur during this period making aftercare programs even more crucial. Aftercare programs will also provide assistance on how to regulate emotional responses and the ability to talk to their families and friends.

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The Soba Recovery Aftercare Difference

Quality aftercare programs, like Soba Recovery’s, also address other issues such as relationships, finances and work life. The balance of these different aspects of life is critical to avoiding relapse. As the client joins back on their family life, new challenges will appear. The family has to be supportive in this effort but the individual also needs to develop social skills to handle uncomfortable situations. Similarly, the client has to get back to work to earn a living. This can be extremely challenging as the pressure of succeeding at work and facing coworkers can be a daunting task. Quality aftercare programs are able to assist, educate and guide clients on how to deal with going back to work.

Apart from all the support from the staff, the community at any treatment facility is equally important. The sense of belonging, love, and hope are critical in building the confidence of the client. The transition to face people in daily life can be difficult but regular community involvement in a controlled environment such as an aftercare program helps clients achieve this transition.

Another important benefit of the aftercare program is gaining a sense of purpose in life. Often addicts have careers or relationships that have gone from worse to bad mostly because of the addiction. Getting them addiction free is important but it is also important to guide them to something that matters, something that will provide a sense of belonging. This could be religion, family, work or anything that helps the client to stay motivated. Any well-made aftercare program should include all these factors to give full benefit to the client.

Why Soba Recovery Centers?

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Soba Recovery has programs designed with specific needs of individual in mind.  Each step of the aftercare program has carefully set up to achieve the desired results. The staff and physicians are trained to guide the clients through the program. The therapy and counseling sessions will educate the clients about coping skills and social interaction. The objective is to provide a comfortable platform where the individual is able to learn how to settle back in life without any risks of relapse.  

At Soba Recovery, custom-designed programs are different from other facilities that offer the same programs to clients with different requirements. Not only does that not work, but it can also be counterproductive and increase the chance of relapse. The frustration of the program can be very stressful. At Soba Recovery, a great importance is given to the client service and to make sure that at no point is the client left to feel frustrated or angry at the facility. Good communication and well thought out processes help reduce the chances of such stressful situations.  

At Soba Recovery, our aftercare program has the staff that is trained to find the root cause of the addiction whether that is early childhood abuse or recent trauma. Finding the root-cause helps address those lingering issues. It is imperative to address these issues as they can trigger a relapse. These lingering issues often remain hidden in the subconscious until a trigger happens. Aftercare programs of Soba Recovery are designed in a way to empower clients with lifelong skills, confidence, and ability to live addiction free.

Overcoming Addiction for Good

Aftercare Planning at Soba Recovery

If you or your loved one is in need of addiction treatment, let Soba Recovery help you or your loved ones. Any addiction is beatable but it is also very important to continue the recovery after the addiction treatment phase is over.  Why leave a chance of relapse when there is a facility that can offer support and guidance to reduce the likelihood of a relapse? Get in touch with the Soba Recovery facility now, you will thank yourself later.

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