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At Soba Recovery we understand effective treatment starts with the underlying issues. Find the way towards a better tomorrow, with a fresh perspective.

We provide individual, one-on-one therapy with renowned therapists who are fully versed in treating the underlying causes and conditions of your addiction. Our professional staff will assist you by providing the necessary tools to manage your life and address the issues that keep you from living a better tomorrow.

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At Soba Recovery Centers, when we treat the underlying psychological disorders and the symptoms of addiction, we live by the creed that “one size DOES NOT fit all.” The bottom line is we provide treatment modalities that work for you or your loved one. Our addiction treatment center is individualized, meaning we create a custom plan for you.

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Our Drug Rehabs in Arizona &Texas

Soba Mesa™

Just outside the metro Phoenix area, Soba Mesa offers cost-effective, long-term treatment at our Arizona location including detox, inpatient, outpatient treatment and sober living options in the Mesa area.

Soba Texas™

In the heart of San Antonio, Texas you will find Soba Texas - a luxury center that offers a state of the art treatment program including detox, inpatient, outpatient treatment and sober living homes.

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Over 20+ years of experience

Our expert team is committed to helping develop a customized program to ensure your recovery experience is life-changing. The Soba Recovery drug rehab programs in Arizona and Texas are the only affordable programs to offer such a high quality of care with so many therapies, from renowned therapists. We do not claim to have a “cure”, but we do believe in providing you the necessary tools and support in a comfortable setting to insure your sustained and ongoing recovery at a price that is affordable.


How we make a difference.

By far the best place I have ever gone to treatment at. I was sober the whole time I was here and learned how to live life sober and without the use of drugs and alcohol. My mom was able to get her son back because of this place and Greg Hannley.

Sean Mucci
Alumni, Soba Malibu

SOBA is a wonderful place to receive top of the line treatment in Malibu without the Malibu price tag. The success rate is extremely high. The staff is incredible. The food is good. The living quarters are great. The meetings are some of the best I have ever been to!

Rachel Burt
Alumni, Soba Malibu

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