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Why You Should Travel to Arizona for Drug Rehab


Why You Should Travel to Arizona for Drug Rehab

Seeking addiction treatment is no easy choice. Making that leap to sobriety can be rewarding and frightening all at once, and that’s okay. Once you’ve made the choice to seek addiction treatment, the next big question presents itself. Where should I get treated? Where you choose to treat your addiction, and eventually celebrate your recovery, is a challenging task on the road to sobriety. And a choice that should be made with careful consideration. There are a multitude of programs and facilities all around the world that offer great treatment and care for those who have decided that they have had enough with their substance abuse problem.

Finding Addiction Treatment

Seeking addiction treatment can be a hard choice to make. A choice that may include spending time apart from the people you love or care about, and uprooting your life for a brief time. It is important to keep in mind that if you have already made the choice to seek treatment, your loved one’s will support your choice, regardless of where recovery takes place. Recovery is about overcoming the substance abuse problem that is plaguing you and going on to live a better life.

The idea of rehab and addiction treatment has many misunderstandings surrounding it, and an unfortunate stigma that some uninformed individuals still hold onto. This is just another reason to take the leap and pursue your addiction treatment. Being able to completely avoid those that would impede your road to recovery and focus on the task that matters will only strengthen the chances of success. A great way to be proactive in your own recovery is making sure that you have all the tools to aid you along the way. One such tool is the facility itself, and where it is located.

Traveling vs. Staying Local for Addiction Treatment

There are benefits and drawbacks to staying close to home for treatment. If you stay close to home, you are also staying close to the toxic situation you were in during your active addiction. The people who may have enabled you may have good intentions, but they probably won’t understand how to help you at first. Getting away from home is also great just for getting a new perspective; you can see things in a totally different way when you are in a new environment. For many people, there are more benefits than drawbacks to going away for treatment.

One of the largest reasons for relapse is the constant exposure to those people or places that may have been major players in your addiction. When seeking addiction treatment, these constant reminders of your past can make an already difficult task seem next to impossible. With almost 40-60 percent of recovered addicts reporting some form of relapse at least once, setting yourself up for success is a priority. There is no better solution to this problem than to travel for your addiction treatment!

Traveling can act as a mini vacation as well, allowing you to disconnect from the world and focus on what really matters, recovery. Although there are plenty of places to choose from, and more than enough rehab programs to go around, there are some places and programs that stand out among the rest.

Benefits of Seeking Treatment in Mesa, Arizona

view of mesa arizonaMesa, Arizona stands out as one of the best places to seek treatment for substance abuse, located east of Phoenix, and only a short drive from Tonto National Forest. Mesa is a large city with a little over half a million inhabitants, offering everything you need and more to aid you on your road to recovery. Recovery can seem like a dreadful time to most, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. Mesa, Arizona’s rich culture, beautiful weather, and well-established addiction treatment facilities such as Soba Mesa should put this area at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to selecting a treatment center to attend away from home. After all, getting a tan while getting sober has never been a complaint from those that have recovered in the past.

Arizona also offers some unique advantages that other locations don’t. For many people, it’s far enough away that they can feel as though they are getting a fresh start. But Arizona is also different from other locations in some distinctive ways.

No Place Like Home

  • Literally, there may be nothing familiar about such a different kind of place. That can be good for someone who is used to being able to score drugs on the street or with friends right down the street. Such an alien location may make even the idea of finding the drug of choice seem difficult if not impossible. When new to recovery, it makes sense to avoid any obvious temptations.

A Desert Environment

  • Most people are accustomed to different kinds of climate. The desert environment is more comfortable than most people realize, but it is different enough from home that it helps people who need a total change so they can find a different point of view. Deserts are obviously dry, but they are also places of extremes. The landscape may seem harsh and lifeless, until you get used to it, at which point you can start noticing all the different ways the desert supports life.

Lots of Sunshine

  • One of the big things that trigger depression for many is the lack of sun in the winter. Arizona promises lots of bright, sunshiney days. The sensation of the sun on your face might trigger feelings of acceptance and joy, even when you’re not looking for it. The change in seasons may also really help someone from a place currently experiencing winter, because it may be able to help that person avoid the normal sensations normally associated with using.

More Workout/Therapy Options

  • Because of the weather, you can go outside to meditate year-round in Arizona. You can also enjoy the sunshine while taking part in yoga, art therapy, equine therapy, and many other options that can aid in the recovery process, no matter what time of year it is.


  • Should comfort be your main consideration? Obviously not. But the beginning of recovery is hard enough without adding additional discomfort and suffering. When you choose a treatment facility in Arizona, you can find one where you can be physically comfortable and where you can get the most out of the weather.

Disadvantages of Traveling for Rehab

It goes without saying that there are also disadvantages to traveling far from home for rehab.

Missing Support Systems

  • Even though it may be a good idea to get away from many of the people you were around during the dark times, some of the people you leave behind might be your biggest supporters. It will also be difficult to involve them in family therapy, which is part of a strong recovery program, and it may be difficult to find someone else to step up and take care of your childcare and household responsibilities while you are gone.

Aftercare Services

  • Once you are finished with the intensive first stages of treatment, you will have to go back home. That means leaving behind your supports from treatment, including people who started the journey at the same time as you. It also means finding new meetings, a new therapist, and a new everything else, when you are just getting used to your new life.

A Personal Decision

Nobody can really tell you what’s right for you, so you have to weigh your options. If your insurance covers it, you may get more benefit from traveling to Arizona for treatment. The first part of your sobriety is the hardest and it’s critical during that time to keep the focus on recovery. Getting away can accomplish that for you.

What Soba Mesa Can Offer You

If you aren’t convinced by the location alone, consider the amazing benefits to seeking addiction treatment at the Soba Mesa facility. Offering an extensive road to recovery treatment experience, including personalized treatment plans for everyone who walks through our doors, Soba Mesa truly sets the gold standard for substance abuse recovery. With great client housing, holistic approaches to treatment, and aftercare that cannot be beat, this great facility can help guide you along the difficult road ahead. But it doesn’t stop there, Soba Mesa also offers nutrition and wellness planning, relapse prevention, and family counseling. All of this and more combines to offer every single potential client a life of sobriety.

The bottom line is the road to recovery can be hard at times, but that does not mean it has to be hard all the time. Making the choice to travel and get treatment might even create some long-lasting happy memories that you can look back on. And to add to the amazing achievement of getting sober, you’ll even get to show off your perfect tan.

At Soba Mesa, we understand how hard it is to struggle with addiction. Drugs and alcohol were just symptoms of a disease you need to learn how to deal with, and we have the tools to help you address the real issues and start your journey. If you are considering making one of the most important changes in your life, please call today. You don’t want to keep missing out on your own life.