12 Facts to Consider Before Refilling your Prescription Pills

man sitting next to prescription pill bottles depicting addiction

When you are in pain, you want the discomfort to stop as soon as possible. Both opiate and narcotic drugs are often prescribed as an antidote to deal with chronic pain. The number of these types of prescriptions has increased, and so has the number of hospitalizations from overdoses, deaths, and injuries. Before you fill […]

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Heroin Detox & Withdrawal

addict suffering from heroin withdrawal during detox

Heroin is an extremely addictive opiate drug used by adults and young people in whatever economic state of life. NIDA’s 2010 survey revealed that at least 0.8% of 8th graders already use heroin. Like other opiates, heroin produces distressing emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms which are often referred to, as opiate withdrawal. To address these […]

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