SOBA Recovery Center is pleased to announce the addition of Robert Ferguson. Robert is a former U.S. Marine, clinical nutritionist and fitness expert with a masters in counseling psychology. Prior to creating a diet free fat loss system Robert made a difference in the lives of women through his rape and assault prevention organization, which set the stage for his continued outreach and shift to the wellness and weight loss profession.

Robert has spent nearly 15 years teaching people from all walks of life the simple secrets that will let them lose fat fast without giving up the foods they love. Because of his effective and innovative approach to blending fitness, nutrition and motivation

– Robert has captured the attention of major television network executives and producers.

Robert’s unique ability to entertain, educate and engage others to eat healthfully is without question a gift. He was recently acknowledged for his approach to helping others embrace diet free living when Aetna featured him in their 2007 African American History Calendar, which addressed obesity. And because of his captivating speaking ability, Robert was also asked to speak at the annual event, which acknowledged those featured in the calendar.

He continues to be a popular lecturer for major corporations, organizations and universities including AETNA, Speaking of Women’s Health, Salem Communications, Universal Studios, Clipper Windpower, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and such colleges as The University of Texas Medical Branch. In 2010, at the request of the Mississippi State Board of Education, Robert presented a keynote lecture at the annual teacher’s conference. This event set the stage for Robert’s campaign to reverse the cause of weight gain by showing people how to eat the foods they love and reduce their waistline instead of adding to it.

Robert has served as national spokesperson and consultant to the world’s largest co-ed health club – Gold’s Gym Corporation (over 600 locations in 40 states and 30 countries) and as a national advisor and program developer to some of the most innovative wellness centers in the country including the California Health and Longevity Institute, the brainchild of health advocate, billionaire and Dole Food Company CEO David Murdoch, which offers innovative wellness solutions to Hollywood stars and the well-heeled executives.

A former professional athlete himself, Robert Ferguson has also built a national reputation as a nutrition, conditioning and weight loss coach for some of the top professional athletes (e.g., Fernando Vargas, Sergio Mora, Samuel Peter, Stevie Forbes, Lucia Rijker, Maureen Shea) in the country who routinely appear on such networks as HBOShowtime and ESPN to name a few. He is also a doctoral candidate in sports psychology, former U. S. Marine and holds certifications in personal training and performance nutrition.

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