How To Find the Right Treatment Program for Yourself

Addiction is a disease that tears through the lives of countless people in the United States every year. In prior decades, people who suffered from addiction and mental health issues might not have had any place to go for help. Now, that has all changed. There are plenty of addiction treatment options out there for people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and more. With so many choices, it may be difficult to decide where to turn for help. At SOBA Recovery, we want to help you find the best addiction treatment for you. 

What is Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is a rehabilitation program that helps people addicted to drugs or alcohol stop using substances. Because addiction is nuanced, there are many different kinds of treatment available. Although treatment styles and programs can vary, the overall goal is the same across the board: getting someone and helping them stay sober. Addiction treatment includes the following programs:

  • Inpatient programs: This is an addiction treatment program where you spend 30 days focusing entirely on helping you achieve sobriety. You will attend individual therapy, group therapy, and engage in wellness activities. Then, you will learn coping skills to help you stay program
  • Transition programs: Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are here to help you transition from inpatient rehab to outpatient. If you’re unable to complete inpatient you can skip to PHP. During both kinds of treatment, you will continue participating in various therapy programs. 
  • Outpatient programs: Outpatient programs are a step down from PHP and IOP. You will only spend a few hours at a time at the facility and sleep at home. Outpatient is a good option for sole caregivers or working professionals who can’t take off of work for inpatient treatment. 
  • Sober living: This is considered to be an aftercare option. You don’t attend therapy at a sober living but you live there and are held accountable for your options. Sober living provides recovering addicts with a safe place to live while finding and securing a job, and integrating back into the community. 

How to Find the Right Program for You

There is a program out there for everyone. If you’re currently struggling, don’t wait to seek treatment. 

  • Consider your needs: First, think about what your needs are. For example, some programs specialize in helping men while others focus on women. Some programs focus on drugs of abuse while others might focus on alcohol. Make sure that the program is going to meet your needs.
  • Location: Think about where you want to go for recovery. Sometimes, it is helpful to leave the local area to get away from the stresses of home. When you distance yourself from an addictive environment, you will have an easier time focusing on your recovery.
  • Ask Questions: Make sure that you ask questions about the recovery programs you are considering. Ask about the amenities of the program. Think about sleeping arrangements. Ask questions about the average length of stay. These are all questions that are going to be pertinent to any experience you might have at the program.
  • Think About Your Goals: Finally, think about what your goals are. If your goal is to detox your body and remove yourself from a harmful environment, then you need to think about an inpatient program. If you are the sole caregiver for a child and don’t have access to long term child care, an outpatient program may be the best option for you. 

Regardless of your situation, there is a treatment plan out there that can help you. 

Let Us Help You!

At Soba Recovery, we are one of the top drug & alcohol treatment programs in the southwest. We have centers located both in Mesa, AZ and San Antonio, TX. Our detox & inpatient treatment professionals help our clients conquer addiction and stay sober. We offer a unique luxury addiction treatment program that takes advantage of proven, traditional treatment methods and blends them with innovative therapies. Our top priority is to help our participants overcome substance abuse and stay sober. If you are interested in learning more about our addiction treatment services, please contact us today!

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, help is out there. Addiction is a progressive disease, the longer you wait to treat it, the worse it gets. For many years, the healthcare industry did not take addiction and mental health issues seriously. If you yourself feel confused or unsure if addiction is a serious issue, you’re not alone. Fortunately, with a renewed investment in addiction treatment and drug abuse recovery, there are plenty of options available to those who are looking for help with addiction. Inpatient treatment is one of the most effective methods of treatment for addiction and substance abuse. 

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic disease and should be treated as such. If someone suffers from addiction, they have suffered a fundamental change in the way the brain perceives addictive substances. The brain requires blood, food, oxygen, and water to stay alive. If someone has gone for a while without drinking water, they’ll feel thirsty. The brain of an addict feels the same way about addictive substances. if someone has gone a while without their drug of choice, cravings start to set in. These cravings are going to turn into withdrawals. This is how the cycle of addiction gets started. Turning to professional help is the best way to break the cycle. 

What is Inpatient Treatment?

One of the first places you can go for help with addiction recovery is inpatient therapy. The goal of inpatient treatment is two-fold. The first goal is ridding your body of harmful substances, also known as detox. As drugs and alcohol leave someone’s system, cravings set in. These cravings are going to lead to withdrawal symptoms. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal include fevers, chills, shakes, sweating, emotional lability, and more. Some withdrawal symptoms might even include seizures. For this reason, people need to go through the detox process with the assistance of medical professionals.

Once someone has finished the detox process, they stay at an inpatient facility so they can learn different techniques to maintain sobriety. This is going to include treatment sessions with therapists and group sessions where clients can learn from the experiences of others. Eventually, clients will make the transition to the outside world and return to normal society.

What Are the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment?

There are several benefits that come with inpatient treatment. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Supervision: At an inpatient facility, there is 24/7 supervision. You’ll feel safe and always have someone to turn to if you need help. 
  • Focus: Because you’ll spend day and night at these facilities, your main focus will be recovery. 
  • Distance: You’ll be far removed from the toxic environment that fueled your addiction during inpatient treatment. 

After completing inpatient treatment, it’s strongly recommended to continue with aftercare. Most inpatient facilities will discharge clients with a comprehensive aftercare plan but it’s up to the addict to hold themselves accountable to do it. 

Soba Recovery Can Help

At Soba Recovery, we are proud to be one of the main drug & alcohol treatment programs based out of the southwest. We have locations both in Mesa, AZ and San Antonio, TX. Our detox & inpatient treatment services help clients beat addiction and get on the road to recovery. Our unique luxury addiction treatment program uses proven, traditional treatment methods, with innovative therapies. Our goal is to help our clients overcome substance abuse for good. If you would like to learn more about our addiction treatment program, please contact us today!